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Baoji City giant Connaught Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as: giant Connaught metal) company is known as titanium reputation as a city, "China Titanium Valley" titanium industrial city - Baoji. The company specializes in producing high quality titanium, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium, the wire, while operating titanium and tungsten and molybdenum products, high-tech enterprises. Is committed to providing high-quality wire and metals machining parts for the aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, military industry, chemical industry, automobile manufacturing industry and civilian medical device products and other industries. Companies rely on "China Titanium Valley" strong industry resources, a strong non-ferrous metals research and manufacturing capabilities for efficient integration; After several years of development, the company has a young, energetic, innovative, hard work, innovation team, with modern supporting management and inspection system, advanced technology and strict process, mature management system and other advantages, the titanium material insoluble tungsten and molybdenum metal production and processing areas and formed a relatively complete industrial chain, to provide users with high-quality and reliable products.

Our production philosophy: quality first, customer satisfaction, excellence, innovation and pragmatic.

Our business purpose: honesty, trust headed, rational pursuit of profit, mutual benefit and win-win

Company focus on quality, good faith, relying on the technical strength, scientific management, strict work style and spirit of hard work, with strict science and technology system and strong technical force and perfect quality inspection system. Has remained stable quality and good reputation, the pursuit of customer lifetime value and brand benefits;

All the staff and all my colleagues to seek common prosperity of China Nonferrous Metals Company, and common progress.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you lean! With professional skills, quality products and dedicated service, mutual benefit and achieve common development price!

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